Radiation Detector FAQ's

Who Are Your Radiation Detectors Customers?

Question: Who are your customers?

Answer: There is a worldwide demand for our quality portable radiation detectors by private individuals and professionals. Japan, Asia, and Europe, as well as in North America are increasingly concerned about measuring ambient radiation and radioactive “hot particles” from nuclear fallout that can travel across oceans and continents, as fine dust particles, as well as the many sources of man made and natural radiation in the world.

Private individuals and homeowners us radiation detectors

Private individuals and homeowners use our radiation detectors to check ambient radiation levels, monitor radiation sources in the home and back-yard from possible hot particle fallout, building materials such as granite countertops, tiles, and to learn about radiation in their surrounding environment, including Radon. Then with proper protocol and documentation, there can be a better general sense of cumulative radiation doses. Precautionary principles can then be better applied when invisible radiation can be made visible with a radiation detector.

Geiger counters/ radiation detectors help detect traces of spread radioactivity.

Effects from the Fukushima Nuclear Emergency

Individuals who live in Japan or the USA are concerned of the ongoing radiation fallout and contamination from the 2011 multiple reactors meltdowns at Fukushima-Daiichi power plant; they use our radiation detector on a daily basis. SafeCast based in Japan have used our detectors to establish over 3 million (plus) measurements. In Europe, the radiation detectors are still being used to monitor fallout from the 1985 reactor meltdown in the Ukraine from Chernobyl. In the USA, we have citizens concerned in measuring radiation from sources such as the Hanford nuclear facility next to the Colombia River in the State of Washington as well as other nuclear plants in their area.

We also have customers who are educators or hobbyists, people who want to test various materials including gems and rocks or demonstrate principles of radioactivity.

Professionals use radiation detectors

Professionals in the medical, health physics, nuclear research industries, emergency response organizations, private security and safety firms, hazardous material disposal and metal recycling, metal scrap, foundry, mining, oil, and prospecting companies use the RadAlert , InspecterAlert and the ONYX radiation detectors to locate sources of radiation hot spots and leakages, measure ambient radiation levels and identify items as radioactive, and determine estimates of personal radiation dose.

The Onyx Radiation Detector connects with SafestCastCustoms, border control, airport security, port and cargo inspection, police, fire departments, and first responders, use our detectors to check radiation levels in bags and cargo, also to check ambient radiation levels and monitor personal dose measurements.

In the medical field radiation detectors are used by, radiologists, dentists, hospitals, laboratories, and any organization that handles radioactive materials or generates radioactive emissions.

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