Radiation Detector FAQ's

Radiation Detector: Which One Is Right for Me?

Question: As a radiation detector, is the CRM 100™, RadAlert™, Inspector Alert™ and Onyx™ Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube detector right for my company or me?

Answer: Customers that choose our radiation detector are looking for a quality radiation monitor and are concerned about establishing knowledge and control of any significant radiation in their environment. We offer a leading industry warranty, quality proven products, at a competitive price.

Radiation Detector RadAlert 100 by International Medcom

RadAlert 100 Radiation Detector

CRM100 and RadAlert Radiation Detectors

CRM 100™ and RadAlert™ offer affordable standard Geiger- Mueller tube technology. The CRM 100™ radiation detector is an economical model that measures only radiation without  an “Alert” function. The RadAlert™ offers an audible “Alert” with programmable radiation parameters. InspectorAlert ™ radiation detector and the new revolutionary Onyx™ use the very sensitive 2-inch pancake Geiger- Mueller (GM) tube technology. This is the “gold standard” of GM radiation detection. The InspectorAlert™ is a proven worldwide for its quality and excellent features such as a programmable count timer and audio alert.

Onyx Radiation Detector

The new revolutionary Onyx™ radiation detector is super portable and compact weighing only 7 oz. (200g.) and its modern design resembles a computer mouse with six button touch keypad and digital graphic display of radiation measurement data with audio chirp. The Onyx™ radiation detector has a six-button cap touch keypad that allows for easy use of a wide variety of functions such as multiple measurement formats. Also data can be transmitted via mini-usb and shared via the Internet to connect with SafeCast’s free data software.  In turn you have the option to easily share your radiation data to a global and local mapping database. NEW ONYX™  radiation detector “Pancake” GM Radiation Monitor Homeowners and professionals use our quality radiation detector worldwide.

Radiation Detector Onyx Geiger Counter

Coming soon: the sleek, modern Onyx radiation detector

Our radiation monitors offer outstanding features to match your monitoring needs and budget. The warranty ensures that your radiation detector will work as it should for a long time.

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