ROM Elektronik Geo Explorer Scintillationcounter


Explore and discover radiation in the environment with reliable accuracy! Also use the processed data graphically to determine underground natural resources from radiation signatures such as water, caverns, and Geopathic faults in areas of any size. Designed for the professional in science, industry, and building biology.

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Product Description


General radiation evaluation, nuclear plants, nuclear medicine, nuclear accidents, radiation laboratories, food/construction material monitoring, customs/packages monitoring, radon measurement, Geology – geophysical exploration, Hydrogeology, Archeology, Geobiology, and Building Biology. Detect and locate sources of radiation. Interface with software to create graphic displays or numerical charts to show radiation fields accurately.


  • Establish radioactive values, contamination and protection with great sensitivity.
  • Determine Radon values
  • Find Geopathic fault zones and underground streams
  • Locate ground water and specific depth values scientifically
  • Instead of often unreliable dowsing methods)
  • Locate underground caverns and tombs
  • Geophysical exploration for natural resources
  • Locate possible mineral deposits by establishing
  • Specific radiation signature Anwendungen

Advanced ROM-Electronic Technology

GEO-Explorer utilizes a large NaI scintillation crystal that is sensitive to radiation. This radiation sensitivity is then transmitted to the exclusive GEO-Explorer processor to give a full range of radiation data values that are then ready for digital, and graphical display as well as with auditory alarms.

System Package Includes

  • G-Explorer
  • NaI detector 2“ x 2“
  • Lead collimator
  • Detector cable
  • Batteries
  • Carrying case
  • User Manual

Download the ROM Geo Explorer User Manual here.

Additional Information

Weight311 oz
Dimensions21 x 10 x 3 in
Additional Features

GEO-Explorer, the first radiation monitor with embedded Fuzzy- Technology, has outstanding features with respect to fast response to changes in radiation intensity. Stand alone or USB and Serial RS-232 computer software interface. SD Card slot, added memory for portable easy data transfer and recording Advanced FUZZY Technology: Fast and reliable recognition of contamination and places of increased radioactivity because of patented method of measurement with modern Fuzzy – methods Exact determination of any activity through long time interval measuring Audible signal when alarm counter rate is reached Radioactive contaminations are found promptly.

Readout Range

0-10,000 ips or ipm (impulses per second or per minute) 0-10,000 nSv/h


Graphic liquid crystal display; LEDs for “On”, “USB” indicators


Serial port, USB, SMA analog output 0 – 2.5 V, multi-function interface (GPS, etc.) detector port, SD-card


4 “AA” 1.5 V batteries; or rechargeable battery pack

Max. Battery Life

8 – 10 hours

NAI Detector Type

2” x 2” NaI(Tl) scintillation detector housed in a lead collimator

Radiation Type


Operating Temp.

-5° C to 40° C

Storage Temp.

-10° C to 70° C


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