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Medcom Onyx Geiger Counter – Sleek New Design


NOW Featuring longer 1 Year Warranty on the GM Detector Tube, and the warranty for the remainder of the device have increased to two (2) years.

  • Sleek new design with LCD display;
  • easy to read;
  • easy to setup;
  • connectivity with outside services.
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Product Description

The Sleekest, Most Modern Medcom Onyx Geiger Counter Ever

The Fukushima radiation disaster elicited many countries to respond. The result of this collective global expertise is a Medcom Onyx geiger counter that employs the newest in design and manufacturing process, the newest radiation detector from International Medcom: Medcom Onyx geiger counter.

This device marks the largest technological advance in Geiger Counter technology since the International Medcom Inspector became one the best sellers.

A departure from the more boxy designs, International Medcom Onyx geiger counter has a modern, very streamlined look and feel that packs more advanced technologies. At only 7oz. (200g) and slim dimensions of 5.1 X 2.6 X (130 X 660 X 230mm.) the Medcom Onyx Geiger Counter is as portable as an iPhone. And while the size is smaller than most other radiation detection devices on the market, the Medcom Onyx geiger counter is able to detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation with identical accuracy as the best seller Inspector Alert. And just like the Inspector Alert, it has a two inch pancake Geiger Mueller tube that is optimized for surface contamination readings.

But the most obvious departure is the modern graphic display with 6 button touch keypad that controls the advanced functions from data scrolling, audio chirp control, data logging, unit changes and calibration. And much like modern consumer devices like smartphones and cameras, the International Medcom Onyx geiger counter allows the user to upgrade the software and firmware to the latest versions through easy-to-use internet download.

Data are easy-to-read and come in a wide array of formats (milliroentgens per hour, counts per minute, micro Sieverts per hour) on the 128×128 px OLED display. Designed to share data, the International Medcom Onyx geiger counter transmits through a mini-USB port, a 3.5 mm. bidirectional audio or via Twitter. The Twitter feed is done via QR code displayed on the OLED.

One of the revolutions born out of the Fukushima disaster is the ability to crowdsource data via Safecast. There is democracy in sharing data and the International Medcom Onyx geiger counter allows for tweeting radiation data back to the Safecast website, and is thereby entered into a database and shown on a worldwide map.

International Medcom will funnel a part of the profits of the Medcom Onyx geiger counter back to help the Japan Fukushima Contamination Relief Effort.

The price is an introductory $799. It has optional cables and software.

Additional Information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions5.1 x 2.6 x 0.9 in


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