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Our Mission is to market and supply quality innovative radiation monitors that have a proven performance record of accuracy, sensitivity and durability. Offering very competitive pricing and customer support.

Geiger Counters International, LLC was founded in 2012 to market high quality radiation detection instruments and systems. Our radiation monitors are widely used throughout the world, providing US, European and Global standards for safety, quality and accuracy.


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“I thought you would like to know that the instrument [the Radalert™ on a trip to the Soviet Union] was used widely and effectively and with much respect and appreciation. I find it an excellent instrument and I know that my colleagues were much pleased that I had it with me.”

Dr. George Woodwell

Director, The Woods Hole Research Center

“The Inspector™ overcomes my perceived shortcomings in small instruments, and in fact, adds an unexpected measure of versatility. The internal workings appeared to be of a well thought out design with a good component density, important for an instrument this size. The circuit board was neat and intelligent and the soldering work was very well done…..The Inspector, despite its small size, is a versatile and capable instrument. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this instrument.”

Paul R. Steinmeyer

Product Review, Radiation Safety Officer Magazine

“The Radalert™ Radiation Monitor is small, light and extremely sensitive…A good nuclear radiation monitor like the Radalert™ can add an entirely new dimension to prospecting and mineral collecting. At the least it will enrich your understanding of nuclear radiation, one of the most fascinating aspects of the earth sciences. how many different ways you can use the Radalert™ is limited only by your scientific creativity, curiosity and growing knowledge of nuclear radiation.”

Steve Voynick

Rock and Gem Magazine

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