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Detect Radiation in Food and Water?

Question: Can your Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube radiation monitors detect radiation in food and water? Answer: Generally to detect radiation or for checking food radiation safety, Geiger-Mueller (GM) instruments are seldom used. However, that said, they have been used to detect radiation in food in experimental, general screening, and for educational purposes. Geiger Mueller Tubes to Detect […]

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Who Are Your Radiation Detectors Customers?

Question: Who are your customers? Answer: There is a worldwide demand for our quality portable radiation detectors by private individuals and professionals. Japan, Asia, and Europe, as well as in North America are increasingly concerned about measuring ambient radiation and radioactive “hot particles” from nuclear fallout that can travel across oceans and continents, as fine dust […]

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Radiation Detector: Which One Is Right for Me?

Question: As a radiation detector, is the CRM 100™, RadAlert™, Inspector Alert™ and Onyx™ Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube detector right for my company or me? Answer: Customers that choose our radiation detector are looking for a quality radiation monitor and are concerned about establishing knowledge and control of any significant radiation in their environment. We offer a leading industry […]

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