Background Radiation

More from Health Physics Society:

What is Radiation?

A good introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum:

A helpful site link for a broad overview of ionizing radiation by the World Health Organization:

For a sense of just how small atomic particles are, see this animated video:

RadTown USA 

Air France Online Radiation calculator for airline flights

Radiation Protection Standards:

What is “Safe” dosage of radiation for humans?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) link covers some of the issues:

Many of the issues of radiation doses and the body are addressed at the Princeton University webpage:

FUKUSHIMA and SafeCast

See PBS with Inspector Alert™, New ONYX™, and bGeigieNano:

Also PBS:

PBS: Fukushima’s Food Fallout: Testing Groceries for Radiation in Japan:

Article about changing of Radiation level standards in Japan:


See Euronews: Work on New Sarcophagus Continues as Chernobyl Marks 27 Years:

BBC Fallout maps:

See photo essay via green peace:

Specific exposures by country in Europe:

Other Websites with Nuclear News and Radiation Concerns updated daily or weekly and many archived articles:

ENE Energy News:

Fairewinds Energy Education:

Fukushima Diary:




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