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    A geiger counter is the only way to be sure you are not exposed to radiation.
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    Radiation in Your Home

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    It may come as a surprise that your home houses radioactive materials. Here are the most likely candidates that may pose a health risk:

    ▶ Radon in the basement;

    Granite Countertops in the kitchen can contain uranium.

    ▶ The glaze in tile, pottery and ceramics made up until the 1960′s contains uranium, thorium, and potassium-40 can be radioactive.

    ▶ Glowing green/ yellow glassware made in and before the 70′s contains uranium.

    ▶ Glow-in-the-dark watches and clocks made before 1970 use highly radioactive radium. A geiger counter will detect this.

    ▶ Cathode Ray Tubes ( TV’s ) emit X-Rays.

    Tobacco can contain radium, lead-210 and polonium-210 from fertilizers.

    ▶Self-illuminating EXIT signs can contain radioactive gas tritium.

    Produce grown in phosphorus fertilizers can contain trace amounts of radium.

    Seafood that travelled from far-off places can be contaminated (like Fukushima). Geiger counters with the proper food adapters can help us avoid contamination.

    A geiger counter can help you determine whether you are being exposed inside your home. Take a look at our page how to measure with a geiger counter for details on how to properly use one.

    Nuclear Emergencies

    With over 437 nuclear power plants around the world (most of them over 5 decades old), many more spent fuel depots, as well as nuclear fuel transportation through towns and countryside, it’s not a question of WHETHER another radiation contamination emergency will happen, but WHEN. A personal geiger counter can help you determine whether you face contamination from nuclear emergency.


    Chernobyl Contamination across Europe

    We are loathe to be alarmist and conspiratorial. There are so many potential threats to our wellbeing, many that have turned out to be overblown or plain false. But when we are talking about the gravity of just ONE contaminating radiation event, the stakes are high and the fallout can be severe. Every aspect of our lives is altered in the event of a nuclear contamination event. A geiger counter helps us understand the immediate risk to ourselves, family and friends.

    Chernobyl and Fukushima are two of the most notorious examples. The images below indicate just how far the contamination spread. A geiger counter takes the guess work out of whether you are being exposed. A geiger counter will tell you what you need to know: are you being exposed?

    Geiger counters help detect traces of spread radioactivity.

    Effects from the Fukushima Nuclear Emergency

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